It's Who I am

Lets just Say it’s A Regular Blog??!

Sometimes on a Good Friday and Easter is this weekend; People shouldn’t stay home, they need to go too church because its a day about Jesus. #HeIsRisen!

Belief Blog

Sometimes when you truly believe in something as you have a passion in a desire forward from what you have, I believe in talent, the universe of science created life as I believe that God is a scientist that balanced the equations and created this world of life for all of us to just live a happy and have an exciting life of opportunity and do what you love doing.

Feeling Down Blog!

When feeling down, I always put on my favorite song, rehearse next video, write out scripts for future videos for YouTube and other future projects, play some MineCraft, and read a good book of my fave.

The Night of Never Forgotten!

When I went to the Jonas Concert of my first as I made an awesome sign, i felt that god wanted to meet Nick Jonas but it didn't go as planned..

I was up really close to the stage.

Me: Holding up a sign for Nick Jonas to get his attention.

Nick Jonas: Rocking out on stage with his brothers...

But towards the last song, he noticed me in a fab outfit with my

"A little Bit Longer" necklace.

Me: Standing there and I smiled back towards him..

Nick Jonas: He smiled and pointed to me..

I felt we were the only two in the room as a spark among us. I believe that God wants us together cause its been 3 years of Nick Jonas is still Single and I believe as the time is coming when him and I will meet and live a happily ever after.

Religion Blog!

I believe in Jesus, I believe in a world of an universe that involves science.. Pretty much like The Big Bang Theory theme song as a world with visual and global warming to be who I am.

How Do I Get My Video Ideas?

I get all my ideas in most random places either doing homework, playing MineCraft, in Walmart or the mall, and more.
Either though I put my video ideas in my iPhone or write it on a colorful post it note and put it on my wall of fame.

What I Believe In?!

When truly believing in something. Sometimes for me as I believe my world is full of peaceful environment, visual like art moving back and fourth like the trees when the leaves fall off. I believe in opportunity and you go for it. I believe in religion with visual a world like the game MineCraft because when God created this world as its like your own version of a MineCraft server. As a Christian who goes to church, I like to listen to Monster Radio sometimes thorough the I heart radio app but not all the time as Listen to multiple songs that isn’t Christian because music to me is art and expression.
I believe in all kinds of current events.

Feelings Blog!

Sometimes when you lose someone you always talk to every night before you go to LaLaLand as it was so nice but now I don’t have nothing. But I always feel her spirit among myself and my fans of mine. She always believed in me and watched all my videos that I do for YouTube. It was nice and now she is gone as always we have to live day by day. #YOLO!

College Blog!

When being in college, it’s all about working as hard and getting the work done to be a success at what you love doing in life. It’s a good experience to succeed and figure out more in life.

Getting Sick Blog!

The only way to not to get sick is carry hands sanitizer every where you go and drink this vitamin drink called Sparkling Ice.

That’s all I have to say..